Jun 1 2015

3 Storm Damage Tips for Sydney Strata Managers

Storm damage has certainly presented a challenge for Sydney strata managers over the last couple of months. And with more wild weather to come as Winter fast approaches, here’s three key tips for  streamlining storm damage repairs on strata properties:

1. Encourage residents to mutually agree on one builder (rather than having multiple builders on site). Not only will this ensure a consistent approach, it will streamline all aspects of the process, making your job a lot easier.

2. Ensure the builder is qualified to thoroughly assess, diagnose and repair the most major problems. From severe roof leaks and inadequate waterproofing to structural movements and faulty foundations, if your chosen builder is capable of handling the biggest jobs, the little jobs will be a walk in the park.

3. Encourage residents to “do it once, and do it right”, while the repairs are covered by insurance. “Patched up” storm damage can come back to haunt you, in the form of moisture, mould and mildew or corrosion problems. But by the time these issues present themselves, it may be impossible to claim them on insurance. Don’t risk it… Do it right, as soon as the clouds clear.

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