Home Owners Warranty

The home warranty insurance scheme is an integral part of a comprehensive consumer protection initiative, for NSW homeowners undertaking residential building projects, where the contract price exceeds $20,000.

Home Warranty Insurance provides a safety net for homeowners (including subsequent purchasers of a property). In the event that a builder is unable to honour their commitments (including rectification of defects) under a contract due to insolvency, death, licence suspension or disappearance, home warranty insurance provides protection to the homeowner, insuring them against these risks.

Grater Construction complies with all aspects of the Home Warranty Insurance scheme. We have Home Warranty Insurance eligibility for all manner of residential projects, including:

  • Single dwellings
  • Alterations and additions – Structural
  • Alterations and additions – Structural Multi Unit
  • Alterations and additions – Non Structural
  • Alterations and additions – Non Structural Multi Unit

To discuss the implications of Home Warranty Insurance on your upcoming residential project, contact us today on
(02) 9958 5848.

Detailed information on the operation of the home warranty insurance scheme is available on the NSW Fair Trading website at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.