3 Storm Damage Tips for Sydney Strata Managers

Storm damage has certainly presented a challenge for Sydney strata managers over the last couple of months. And with more wild weather to come as Winter fast approaches, here’s three key tips for  streamlining storm damage repairs on strata properties:

1. Encourage residents to mutually agree on one builder (rather than having multiple builders on site). Not only will this ensure a consistent approach, it will streamline all aspects of the process, making your job a lot easier.

2. Ensure the builder is qualified to thoroughly assess, diagnose and repair the most major problems. From severe roof leaks and inadequate waterproofing to structural movements and faulty foundations, if your chosen builder is capable of handling the biggest jobs, the little jobs will be a walk in the park.

3. Encourage residents to “do it once, and do it right”, while the repairs are covered by insurance. “Patched up” storm damage can come back to haunt you, in the form of moisture, mould and mildew or corrosion problems. But by the time these issues present themselves, it may be impossible to claim them on insurance. Don’t risk it… Do it right, as soon as the clouds clear.

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A small place transformed into a fresh, functional office space

Office fitouts Sydney builder

Recently we had the pleasure of undertaking a small but detailed office fitout for an office building on Lime Street, Sydney.

Small areas can be notoriously tricky to renovate due to restricted space and access, but with the right approach and experience, it’s possible to embrace the constraints and produce a really special space. We were certainly up to the challenge of this office makeover and with a few clever tricks we took this small space and turned it into a fresh yet fully functional modern workspace, with spectacular results.

Tasked with re-designing the empty office as a modern conference room, distinguishing features of the area were to include custom made screens and joinery, and a central built-in television unit. We set about designing and detailing the job from basic architectural drawings, but restricted access soon posed an issue when it came to the installation stage.

During the project the building was also occupied, so keeping noise to a minimum, working out of hours and leaving public areas clean and tidy also had to be considered. Never a team to shy away from a challenge (and after some careful ‘out of the box’ thinking), we had all the components made off-site and brought in disassembled to install easily, with little disruption to occupants.

Once all the framing was installed, we integrated ultra-modern frameless glass doors into the screens for a really ‘open’ feel and finished the look with a sliding timber-panelled feature door that adds warmth and sophistication to the area.

The end result – a small, but classy and inviting office space the client can use for multiple purposes…and proof great things can come in small packages with careful planning, and the right team.

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Does this face look familiar?

Josh Terrett from The Block Triple Threat

Josh & Charlotte, Sydney - The BlockIf you guessed Josh from The Block, you got it! This is Josh Terrett, shown (right) with his beautiful partner Charlotte Ekas.

And yes, Josh and Charlotte are popular contestants on the current season of The Block – Triple Threat… But what you probably don’t know, is that Josh is a very familiar face here at Grater Constructions.

Why? Because when Josh isn’t wowing the Australian public on TV, with his down-to-earth personality, first-class technical skill and innovative design, he’s one of the Grater team!


Josh happens to be the son of Grater Constructions Director, Michael Terrett, and has been working for Grater Constructions since 2010.

So what’s the low-down on Josh you ask? Lets take a look at some fun facts about this remarkable young man:

  • Josh is 26 years old, and lives in Manly.
  • He has been dating Charlotte, a Food Stylist, for 5 years.
  • He is a keen surfer.
  • A qualified ‘chippie’, Josh has worked on impressive 10 million dollar luxury properties with his dad, Michael, through Grater Constructions.
  • Building runs in the Terrett family – Josh’s father and grandfather are both builders and his brother Ben is also a ‘chippie’.
  • With no mortgage yet, Josh applied for The Block with the hope of winning enough prize money to buy his first home on the Northern Beaches with Charlotte.

Josh & Charlotte from The Block - Triple Threat, Sydney

We wish Josh and Charlotte all the best during their time on The Block and we look forward to seeing many more exciting things from this talented young couple, in years to come.