BCA Upgrades

BCA Building Compliance Upgrades

If the council, body corporate or an insurance company requires you to partially or completely improve your building compliance in accordance with the BCA, you can rely on us to coordinate the entire project. This means you can avoid the frustration and expense of hiring multiple contractors.

Grater Constructions will manage and facilitate:

  • BCA compliant alterations and refurbishments
  • Fire safety compliance, construction and maintenance
  • Facade and balustrade upgrades¬†
  • Disability access changes (such as step removal, ramp installation and access routes)
  • Lift installation
  • Structural repairs
  • Waterproofing and leak mitigation
  • and more

Your BCA requirements will depend on the purpose of your building. For example, educational institutions and public entertainment venues have more strict BCA compliance regulations, due to the sheer number of building occupants at any one time.

To learn more about the BCA and BCA requirements,¬†click here… Or to speak to us about making your building BCA compliant, phone us on (02) 9958 5848.