Fire Protection Services Sydney

Fire Safety Compliance, Fire Construction & Fire Maintenance in metro Sydney

An urban building fire can have devastating effects - loss of life, injuries and ongoing financial burdens (through loss of assets and jobs), to name a few.

That’s why, when it comes to fire, prevention is the best protection; and the best form of prevention is to engage a trusted fire safety compliance team to manage and maintain your building’s fire safety compliance obligations, ensuring it meets Building Code of Australia regulations.

With our depth of experience in Sydney building compliance, we are the ideal choice as your partner in fire safety.

The most common fire safety compliance, construction and maintenance products and services we provide are:

Fire engineered solutions – To minimise costs and lower requirements for sprinklers, etc, we can arrange a fire engineered solution. This involves a consultation with a specialist who has a full understanding of the codes and standards. The specialist will assess each building on its own merits and put forward an alternate solution for council approval.

Fire separation - Fire separation is a safety measure, required under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), that assists fire fighters to fight a building fire more efficiently. Installation or upgrade of fire rated doors and firewalls will slow down the spread of a fire, minimising damage to your property and allowing occupants to escape faster, thereby reducing the risk of injury or death. Many old fire doors (pre-1990) are made with asbestos, so it is important to engage only qualified tradespeople, like us, to handle your fire door maintenance.

Smoke detection and fire alarm systems – The installation and maintenance of smoke and fire detection systems to comply with the BCA. In metropolitan Sydney buildings, the smartest approach to fire monitoring and fire detection is the inclusion of a ‘fire panel’. The fire panel advises the zone/s a fire is located in, through the sensors located in the smoke and heat detectors linked to it. The fire panel can be externally monitored by the fire brigade for fast response, if required.

Exit and emergency lighting – The installation and maintenance of lighting in exit areas for sufficient illumination in evacuation situations. The lights also operate automatically in the event of a power failure.

Fire hydrants, extinguishers and hose reels – The installation and maintenance of foam, CO2, dry powder and air/water fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire hose reels.

Sprinkler systems – Sprinklers are the most effective automatic fire suppression system. They are able to automatically detect a fire, sound an alarm and then extinguish the fire. We strongly recommend the installation of fire sprinkler systems in multi-storey buildings.

Stair Pressurisation Systems – Stair Pressurisation Systems are installed in stairwells. Stair Pressurisation Systems prevent smoke from entering the fire escape stairway so occupants can exit the building safely. The system is comprised of sub ducts, grilles, dampers and fans controlled by a series of pressure switches within the shafts to maintain the correct pressure in the stairwell.

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