Lift Installation works

Need to give a multi-storey building a ‘lift’?

A lift is a highly desirable feature of a multi-storey building. Lifts streamline building design and functionality, enhance convenience for building occupants and improve multi-storey workplace productivity. Lifts truly are a modern marvel.

But whether you’re installing a lift in a new building, retrofitting a lift to an older building or upgrading an existing lift, the installation process must be handled with precision. There’s no room for errors when it comes to lift installation. A suitably licensed and experienced builder must be contracted to ensure all safety and compliance requirements are strictly met.

Grater Construction are fully licensed and experienced in all areas of lift installation. When installing a new lift, we cover all bases… including liaising with the lift supplier, preparing the shaft in accordance with BCA standards, scaffolding the lift shaft and arranging power and phone connections. When replacing an existing lift we make the necessary modifications to comply with new regulations effecting:

  • Door opening sizes
  • Fire rate shafts
  • Ventilation
  • Door entrance barricades
  • Bins for waste

Does your lift need to go down to an underground level?

This is a specialist project that most builders are not qualified to undertake. Grater has the expertise to undertake even the most elaborate lift installs, including sub-ground projects. We will extend the lift shaft downwards, and underpin the building in the process.

For lift installation or upgrade works in Sydney, contact Grater Constructions now on (02) 9958 5848.